The amount of love you have for yourself directly impacts your choices and decisions when it comes to dating, relationships and finding true love.


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There are 5 critical things affecting your love life right now, and it's not the way you look, how old you are, or the very slim pickings on the latest dating app.

Stepping back into the dating world and trying to find love is exciting, and terrifying, and embarrassing and oh so frustrating and just when it seems the dating Gods can't get any crueler, that too cutesy photo of your ex and his new lady looking happy, fulfilled and over the top in love shows up in your newsfeed every day for a week. Ugh.

Combine this with all the books, blogs, videos, coaches, and everything else you've tried in the past to get your love life heading in the right direction only to have one disastrous date after another; one failed relationship after another. It's no wonder you're likely ready to give up on the idea of finding true love.

But finding true love doesn’t have to be as messy, scary, frustrating, exhausting, and disappointing as it seems.

What if you can actually lean into some powerful Universal principles that can relieve you of the obstacles that are preventing you from finding love?

During our time together in this free training, I'll talk with you more about these exact principles, and the obstacles that stand in the way of you having that soul-mate level love you only read about in books and see in the movies (and you'll instantly recognize the obstacles that have you in their trap right away)

But first, let me introduce you to the energy components that are vital to seeking and finding a successful, fun, and loving relationship.

#1: Self Love

The amount of love you actually have for yourself governs your choices and actions and of course, then creates your subsequent experiences. 

#2: HeartShifting Energy

Your ability to shift energy from one vibrational frequency into a higher one where all new experiences are born is a crucial part of finding love.

During this free training, I talk more about the energies that have been standing in your way, the ones you likely don't even realize are sabotaging your love life, and your efforts to find true love.

Until you identify these sabotaging energies in your own life, the Self Love and HeartShifting processes cannot be activated, and this directly affects whether your love life is movie-worthy or just sitting on the couch watching the movie.

In this free training, called the 5 Critical Things You Need to Know About Finding Lasting Love the Final Time Around, you and I will go over:

  • Staying non-judgemental (about yourself and about others and why it's critical)
  • Recognizing the beliefs sabotaging your efforts right now in finding love
  • Soul-mate level energy and how to identify it
  • Getting out of your head and into your heart
  • Discovering how to receive the love you are seeking (you think you may know this already, but you might be surprised.

Come join me and I promise you and I will discover something that will help you ditch the disastrous dates, put those failed relationships where they belong, and get on the right path towards finding love for yourself.


It’s like Marcy’s gently holding your hand down the path you are now walking while making it crystal clear why SELF LOVE is a prerequisite to being truly happy and finding your soulmate. Being already in a long-term relationship for over 17 years, I was pleased and amazed at the positive changes in my relationship  as I worked my way through learning to Love with SELF LOVE.  I believe that working with Marcy’s program will benefit everyone whether you are looking for love or are already in a relationship.

— Tracie

HI! I’M MARCY NEUMANN, known as The HeartShift Coach, and I’ve been in this field of helping people to heal their hearts for nearly 45 years. During that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with people all around the world, to achieve relationships they never dreamed of. Over the years you may have heard my radio show or podcast, watched my TV show on Awake TV Network, or heard me in any of the thousands of collaborative projects or telesummits I have been invited as a guest speaker or Live and on TV with Arielle Ford, John Gray and others.

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